Vert Fitness & Wellness

Trevor Marum has dedicated his life to continuous learning & teaching through intensive doctor program, working with patients clinically, postdoctoral diplomates and studies, and has been a human movement analyst, fitness trainer, and doing body work since 1998. “We are detectives in figuring out what, why, and how to be the catalyst for the body to get to a point of self healing.”  In order to resolve a dysfunction, we reduce abnormal movement patterns of vertebrae (called subluxations) resulting in an increased range of motion, reduced nerve irritability and improved function. The  human body has many communication paths most actively the nervous system.   What the system needs to survive is proper amounts of three things: stimulation,  oxygen (through blood pathways), nourishment as in the foods we eat, the thoughts we think and how we sleep.  This philosophy has lead us to focus on our program, 3steps-Wellness: MOVEMENT NOURISHMENT LIFESTYLE. Chiropractic care and all of our services provide assistance in removing interference to these 3 steps. We are here to assist you in your path in “Reaching Your Highest Point of Wellness at the Center” and of living your life more fully. We look forward to you making an appointment and meeting you soon.