Can Chiropractic Make You Ripped?

Seriously, how can someone’s bicep actually looked flexed when lifting like 12 oz of coffee?

I remember this thought over 25 years ago sitting in a Starbucks watching a guy lift his coffee to sip, and his muscles actually responded by contracting and become more defined. I mean I was on the start of my yoga journey and no matter how much someone described how to “flex my abs,” I couldn’t even get a glimmer of a single line, none the less the washboard appearance that the yogi instructor showed when she just laughed. I spent a couple years even contemplating if it mattered. I was strong and I was capable. However, the looming wondering of why some have easier muscle tone than others regardless of activity amount always intrigued me.

Was it simply a matter of genetics or did something else come into play?

As I entered the world of fitness training, a coach told me “you should be able to do the 15 mins a day and it be more effective than an hour, as long as your have good form.” Ah, quality, not quantity! Yet, how would this even be possible as I looked at my structure? Years of injury jolting my shoulders forward, my neck having begun to loss curve, and my lumbar spine still trying to figure it what neutral was in a squat based on all my other compensations. That’s when I learned the physics of my form was going to be highly determined by my core posture, and this wasn’t something I could self align. And thus the start of my journey of chiropractic before and after my workouts. I was astonished to see the changes.

Even altering my posture, made my full appearance make a dynamite change. So much so, it was easy to do the “10 pound loss in 10 second trick” with people by showing them through photo how adjusting the way they stood could make them in a photo look 10 pounds lighter. Then I met Trevor.

He had always known this as an athlete. Your stride, performance, strength, and momentum was all about vectors, and the center of any human’s movement is their spine. His evolution as an athlete into a chiropractor made perfect sense and is still a passion for him.

Whether wanting to see your results through quality over quantity, or being injury and pain free during your movement, having someone who understands the physics of YOUR body in movement is the missing puzzle piece to many’s people fitness success.

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