FEET: You may be missing key components to your performance

As the foot strikes the ground, the nerves, if the foot is in proper alignment, are capable of sending appropriate signals to the brain increasing all aspects of function as well as preventing injury.    In fact, a non-diagnosed ankle sprain can wreak havoc on the athlete creating a cascade of issues from the ground up.  One of humans greatest milestones as an infant is standing and then stepping – foot by foot.  Walking on our two feet is in essence what makes us human and the nerve sensation called “proprioception” is a large link to brain power and athletic performance.

“Proprioception metaphorically is called the “sixth sense,”
extending the classical five senses to include the body. This
body sense is more than just a feeling of movement, however.
It is intimately tied to our feeling of muscle tone, perceptions
of effort and of balance. Specialized nerve endings
originate in our muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments, joints,
and some scientists even include the skin. These “afferent”
(sensory) receptors perceive deformation of tissue – the
amount of pressure (stretch or simply, placement), speed at
which movement is occurring and the rate at which the speed
is changing (velocity), direction of movement, and – when
deformation is extreme – pain. ” International Association for Dance Medicine and Science

So how does one increase the proprioception  of their gate and movement?  Through proper mechanics and more specifically the alignment of joints.  Shouldn’t you make sure each strike counts?

Trevor Marum specializes in gait analysis as well as neuromuscular re-education.  If you are interested in seeing where your foot strike lands on the performance scale, contact him for a FREE gait assessment. Email: tmarumvert@gmail.com

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