Welcome, Lacey!

Dr. Marum Skating Rainier Vista Park


I am so excited to have found our new home -the Chiropractic Care Center in Lacey, Washington where everyone is devoted to being a remarkable health resource on your path to wellness.  I have gratitude for my own joyous path getting to this abundant community and look forward to involving myself in the community of Lacey. I have two kids and a wife looking forward to meeting new faces and developing friendships.

So as I feel welcomed to Lacey, I welcome you to empowering yourself towards wellness, by proactively embarking on a new path in choosing me to serve your health.  My goal is for you to reach your highest point of wellness at the center. This journey we are taking together is teaching you to care for one of the most important aspects of your own physiology– your nervous system. Like a well-tuned piano or performance automobile, our nervous system requires tuning and care to function optimally thus, in turn, providing our other body parts, like organs and the immune systems, with proper support.

I would love to meet each of you now that we have arrived.  Currently we just got off the road making our way north and learning about the great landscape of the Pacific Northwest.  We managed to get our belongings in a trailer and we had a blast learning how to live minimally and most importantly, as a family.  My wife is even recording her “travel and cooking” experiences on her blog (www.vertfoods.com) where you can even see how she made sourdough bagels using a 100 year old starter, coffee pot and a toaster oven!  

So, come say hi to us all!  

I am offering anyone in the area a delicious incentive to come by the office and schedule an appointment – a jar of handcrafted gourmet Paleo Almond Butter Cups (seriously you don’t want to miss these nutrient rich decadence!)  All you have to do is make a new patient appointment with me and get treated to this nutrient rich delight.

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