What to expect

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What Is Accomplished In Initial Exam?

  • History: Thorough Investigatory discussion of events leading to patient concerns. This may take anywhere from 20-45 minutes depending on the patient case.
  • Exams: Array of tests assisting in conclusion for the outcome of course of action to implement for patient results.  This may include but not limited to or all inclusive of: range of motion testing, orthopedic joint integrity tests, muscle testing, postural assessments, gait analysis, blood pressure, neurological tests.
  • X-rays: Necessary for precision investigation of physiology for Doctor to understand appropriate course of action and develop a treatment plan.  We honor and understand not every patient is agreeable to x-rays.  We are happy to discuss the concerns in person and come up with the best option for your wellness.

What Is Accomplished After the Initial Exam

The Doctor will review all diagnostics and findings.  Both the patient and doctor will meet to discuss the Report of Findings and define a course of action throughout a given timeline and prognosis of results.  This will include a specific treatment plan and schedule for visits and services.

Treatment plans are devised by Relief Care, Corrective Care Plan, or Wellness Care and are changed during a re-exam based on new problems or completion of plan.  Once your treatment plan has been completed, the Doctor will schedule a re-exam to move you to a new plan of action.

Who Is the Ideal Patient

Patients who are seeking their highest point of wellness, by asking for guidance and those that have an intent to improve their health through commitment and a variety of wellness techniques.  

Patient Acceptance & Commitment

The Doctor’s goal is to teach and give care to the patient based on their wellness needs; however, often a course of action can be interrupted by a patient being unable to commit to the recommended treatment plan.  Like any discipline, our wellness requires us to commit to action to see results.  If at any point a patient feels they need to redefine their treatment plan with the Doctor, we are pleased to schedule a re-exam visit.

Office Flow & Time

Most established patient chiropractic appointments will take 15 minutes unless additional modalities are required to assist in care.  Other appointments such as personal training and consults typically take 30-45 minutes depending on the patient’s wellness goals.

Our commitment to every patient is the same – quality care and time.  While we schedule appointments based on a patient’s treatment plan, there are times when  acute cases happen within the treatment room.  These cases are often unplanned and the Doctor’s goal is to provide the time and care needed to assist the patient in discomfort or pain.  We ask for your understanding in any delays that could happen if such a circumstance occurs thus creating the Doctor to be delayed.